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Doll Grabbing Machine – Crazy Toy 3

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Doll Grabbing Machine is a very popular game machine in everywhere which has a large flow of people, such as shopping mall, supermarket, arcade game centre and etc. LiFang is a professional toy claw machine manufacture, we have been committed to developing and manufacturing for many years. We are expecting to be your long term partner to grow up together!

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Doll Grabbing Machine – Crazy Toy 3

About Doll Grabbing Machine – Crazy Toy 3

Crazy Toy 3 is the new style of Crazy Toy series, the charming colorful LED design is very attractive, it can catch the eye easily.
We use high performance Taiwan motherboard and anti-swing crane to ensure the quality and save the expensive after-sales service cost, thus to reduce the cost, LiFang have always been sharing the cost with customers to reach WIN-WIN.

Function of The Motherboard of Doll Grabbing Machine – Crazy Toy 3

1, English is supported!
English and Chinese are built in, can switch freely.
2, Free game function is supported!
Press to enter free game mode, its good to involve in the promotion activity.
3, Game time and credits can be set!
The game time and credit per game can be set freely.
4, 6 Game modes are supported!
Weak Modethe player can not catch prizes.
Strong Modethe player can catch prizes easily.
Cumulation FIXthe player can win a prize in the fixed time per circle.
Cumulation RANthe player can win prize at random per circle.
Vending Modelnot applicable.
N-time Rewardif the player can not win the prize for stated times(not over 3 minutes each game), he can get a prize when he continue to play. (Good for Promotion)

Details for Doll Grabbing Machine – Crazy Toy 3

 <doll grabbing machine>


<Coin Operated Claw Crane Machine>


    <Coin Operated Claw Crane Machine>


<prize vending arcade game>


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