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Fast And Furious Racing Game For Children

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Fast and furious 3 is a classic racing game for children, the game name is from the movie Fast and Furious, the kids can experience driving a car to the top speed in safety.

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Fast And Furious Racing Game For Children


Type Kids Arcade Game
Item Cov me nyuam sib tw ua si – Fast And Furious Racing Game For Children
Game Dimensions W45*D100*H130CM
Packing Size W55 x D110 x H180CM
khoom Metal base and metal seat and acrylic decoration
Monitor 22” LCD
Power 110V/220V, 200W
Net Weight 80 kgs
MOQ 1 Set
Apply To FEC, Arcade Centre, Shopping Mall, Kids Park, thiab lwm yam

Fast And Furious Racing Game For Children

Kids Racing Arcade Game


1, Luxury cabinet design with leather soft seat.

2, Big 22” LCD for better experience.

3, Thickened acrylic for decoration with colorful LED strip.

4, Stable performance, running smoothly.

5, Variety of tracks and cars options to attract players.

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Kids Arcade Game


1, Most of our products are delivered in one whole, installation service is not needed.

2, For the products which need to be installed in customer’s site, we will provide the installation instruction with pictures and videos.

3, Send our technician to your location to assist the installation if necessary.


1, One full year factory warranty!

2, Life-long maintenance!

3, 7*24 hours online technical support!

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