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Mini паркі Ride карусель – Crown карусель

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Crown Carousel is a very popular style in mini park ride carousel, the childhood style design is warm welcomed by the kids, its the star ride in the kids playground!

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Mini паркі Ride карусель – Crown карусель

<Mini Park Ride Carousel>

Features For Mini Park Ride Carrousel – Crown карусель
1, AC110V is available to customize.
2, High quality fiberglass and blister lampshade, colorful LED lights.
3, Famous brand frequency converter, motor, reduction gearbox, simple structure, stable and low noise.
4, Coin operated, two horses and one seat, meet different player’s requirement.

How To Play Mini Merry Go Round?

1, Insert Coins, hear the promote tone.
2,The carousel start to rotate slowly, the horse rock with the music.
3, Time up, game over, the carousel stop slowly.

<Coin Operated Merry Go Round>

Quality Control Options

1, Incoming material inspection: all the materials including fiberglass, metal base, bearing,etc need to be inspected when receive.
2, Processing inspection: the assembled ride base need to do burn-in loaded test for three days. In addition, we have QC persons to inspect the producing processing such as the fiberglass protection method, wire connection, movement, және т.б. .
3, Finished products inspection: after finished production, all rides need to be operated, and be played in random before packing.
4, Packing protection: wooden frame, wooden pallet or wooden crate be chose by customers, to ensure the safe in transportation.

 <Mini Park Rides>

Our Main Products
1, Pandora ның Arcade консолі / Видео Ойын консолі
2, автоматтары / Бейне ойын автоматтары
3, Сыйлығының өтеу Ойын / Кранды машиналар Claw / Капсула ойыншықтар сататын машина
4, Жабық спорт ойын автоматтары / Dart машиналар / Футбол Кестелер / Air Hockey Кесте
5, Балаларға Rides және шағын парк Rides (карусель / Merry Go Round / Bumper Car)

Why Choose Us?

1, Your reliable partner with years experience on production and exporting!
2, Жоғары сапаны бақылау. One full year factory warranty and Life-long maintenance!
3, On time deliveries!
4, Икемді өндірістік қорғасын-уақыт!
5, Support third party inspection!
6, 7*24 сағат онлайн-техникалық қолдау!

Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, Escrow
Payment Condition 50% deposit in advance, 50% balance after inspection but before delivery
Delivery Time About one week after receiving the deposit
орауыш Air bubble film + Stretch films + Ағаш Frame / Wooden Crate
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