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Candy Sucker Redemption Arcade Machine

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Candy Sucker is a very attractive prize redemption arcade machine, it similar to the Snork principle, sucking the candy or prize through the nose, it is very welcome by the adults and kids.

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Candy Sucker Redemption Arcade Machine

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Type Candy Arcade Redemption Games
Item Candy Sucker
Game Dimension W105*D130*H150CM
Packing Dimension W115*D140*H170CM
Materiaal Fiberglass + wooden plate
Operation Coin Operation
macht 110V / 220V, 1600de
Netto gewicht 170 kgs
MOQ 1 set
OEM Aangepast ontwerp en aangepaste vorm worden verwelkomd!
Van toepassing op Winkelcentrum, Arcade Center, Club, School,enz


<Candy Sucker Redemption Arcade Machine>

Features For King For Candy Sucker Redemption Arcade Machine

1.High quality fiberglass body, non-deformation and unfading;
2.Imported motherboard, good performance.
3.Long time standby mode, continuous long time working.
4.Muntautomatensector, suitable for shopping mall, arcade game room, prize vending room, enz.

How To Play Candy Sucker Redemption Arcade Machine?

1. push munten, use the joystick to control the nose to move left or right to the top of the desired candy or gift.
2. Operate the joystick to control the nose to align to the target candy or gift, the prize plate rotates slowly around the prize outlet.
3. After sucking the candy or gift, pull the rocker back to raise the nose.
4. Operate the joystick left and right to move the nose above the prize outlet.
5. Keep pressing the DROP button (the suction system is paused) until the gift falls; or release the joystick, after the time up, the nose will automatically reset and the gift will automatically fall into the prize outlet.

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