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Coin Operated Kids Ride – God tur

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Coin Operated Kids Ride - Happy Journey is our design patent product, the cute cartoon design can catch kids’ eyes easily, we cooperated many OEM rides with some famous clients from U.S.A. and Japan, such as Sting, Family Fun, SEGA, Ride On, Trust Company(Japan). Velkommen til kontakt med oss ​​for vinn-vinn-samarbeid!

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Coin Operated Kids Ride – God tur

Specifications For Coin Operated Kids Ride – God tur

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Features For Coin Operated Kids Ride – God tur

1, 15 i 1 video games be built-in!
2, Kid’s favourite cute cartoon design!
3, Strong and homogenous fiberglass, long-lasting good looks, smoothly, no fade, no crack, no oxidate.
4, Thick baking varnish iron base, firm without deformation, more safe.
5, Coin mechanism is adjustable for coin size, from dia 20mm to dia 28mm!
6, Low investment, high return!

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1, Innkommende material inspeksjon: all the materials including fiberglass, metal base, bearing,etc need to be inspected when receive.
2, Processing inspeksjon: the assembled ride base need to do burn-in loaded test for three days. In addition, we have QC persons to inspect the producing processing such as the fiberglass protection method, wire connection, movement, etc .
3, Ferdige produkter inspeksjon: etter ferdig produksjonen, all rides need to be operated, and be played in random before packing.
4, pakking beskyttelse: wooden frame, wooden pallet or wooden crate be chose by customers, to ensure the safe in transportation.

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Packing List

1 x ride
1 x power cable
2 x fuse
1 x manual with technical guidance


1, One full year factory warranty!
2, Life-long maintenance!
3, 7*24 timer online teknisk støtte!

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