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OutRun Arcade Racing Game

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OutRun 2 is a 2013 games developed by SEGA, its always one of the most popular arcade racing game to this day.

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OutRun Arcade Racing Game

Specifications of OutRun Arcade Racing Game

Navn Simple outrun racing game machine
Størrelse W113*D166*H211cm
Packing Size W105*D186*H188cm
Følge 32″ LCD
Spiller 1
Makt 110V / 220V, 250W
Trekk Med flere bilmodell, sjåfør, racerbanen,bakgrunnsmusikk.
Håndbok & auto clutch(valgfri)
MOQ 1 sett
Garanti 1 år

Specifications of OutRun Arcade Racing Game

  • 32″ HD LCD display
  • Fashion appearance design.
  • Dynamic steering wheel and seat.14 game features and cars, 5 difficulty levels, 6 maps for options.
  • One level finished then go to another, 15 total levels in total.
  • Can change view between 3d and 2d by pressing a button
  • More cartoon style, more game tools
  • Three lives for each game play.

How To Play OutRun Arcade Racing Game?

  • Insert coin.
  • Select drivers, cars and difficulty level tostart game.
  • Hold the steering wheel to control thecar, the playerneeds to finish the task before time up, when race ends, all 8 competitors ranking will be displayed. In some levels, the player has to rank the first to enter next round’s race.



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