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Stuffed Animal Family Kiddie Ride

Short Description:

Stuffed animal family kiddie ride is a walking animal ride for family, it can bear max. 100kgs, the large seat space can contain one adult and one kid, its very suitable for family entertainment.

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Stuffed Animal Family Kiddie Ride

Specifications For Stuffed Animal Family Kiddie Ride

Type Walking Animal / Zippy Ride / Animal Rides / Animal Scooters
Item No. LF-Z-08
Ride Size W60*D120*H80cm
Packing Size W83*D76*H60cm
Net Weight 24kgs
Gross Weight 25kgs
Max. Loading 100kgs
Material Metal frame and fire-proof high density PV plush cover

(removable and washable)

Running Speed 1-100m/min (stepless speed regulation)
Start Method Manual / remote control / coin pusher
Power: Rechargeable battery
Brake gear: Electronic brake
Wheel: 120mm lighting PU wheel
Motor: 12V 30W
Battery: 12V 14AH
Charger: 12V 1.8AH
Music: MP3 music
Timing scope: 1-40min
Battery Usage Time: 3-4 hours
Colors Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black
MOQ: 10 sets
Warranty: 1 year

Remote Control Operation Zippy Rides

Features For Stuffed Animal Family Kiddie Ride

1, The head for different style can exchange, can combine different style freely.

2, Fireproof high density plush cover, removable and washable.

3, Colorful flash spotlight to floor and LED light on forelegs!

4, Support SD card, can download MP3 music.

5, Metal ride base, firm without deformation.

6, Multi start methods are supported – Remote operation, manual operation, and coin operation.

7, Rechargeable battery, the battery can be used 4-6 hours per charge.

8, Playing time(1-40 min), running speed(0-100m/min) can be adjustable.

9, Low investment, high return!

Zippy Ride

Usage And Notice

1, The kids who under 4 years old must can accompanied by adult.

2, Electronic brake is working while the foot pedal is not braked, the player need to pedal the foot pedal if want to move the ride.

3, Animal rides only can run on the flat ground, rugged ground may damage the motor and gear.

4, The player should keep away from the gutter-way, sunk fence, steep slope.

5, Please do not overloading, overloading may damage the motor and gear.

6, Please use the self-contained complete charger to charge the battery, do not use high current quick charger to charge the battery, it will make the battery heat and deform, accelerated the battery aging.

7, Keep away from the inflammable material and high temperature place during charging the battery.

8, Shut down the power switch when the animal rides if long term storage to prevent the battery from draining.

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