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Coin Operated Gliding Bike Kiddie Rides

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Coin operated gliding bike is a new developed kiddie ride for amusement park. There is a 15” LCD, the player can play interactive game and pedal the ride to control the bike up and down, its exactly popular in FEC and shopping mall and amusement park.

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Coin Operated Gliding Bike Kiddie Rides

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Specifications For Coin Operated Gliding Bike Kiddie Rides

  <Mini Up And Down Park Rides>

<Coin Operated Gliding Bike Ride>

Features For Kids Bike Ride For Amusement Park

1, Cartoon bike with propeller design with charming lights, very attractive.
2, Play the game by real bike riding way, more fun.
3, Lifting type bike, up and down in game, new experience.
4, With music in game.

How To Play Kids Bike Ride?

1, Push coin, fasten seat belt.
2, Press start button to start game.
3, In game, more hard the player pedals the ride, more high the ride go up.
4, The player can press left and right button to make music.

Možnosti za nadzor kakovosti

1, Vhodni material pregled: all the materials including fiberglass, metal base, bearing,etc need to be inspected when receive.
2, Obdelava pregled: the assembled ride base need to do burn-in loaded test for three days. In addition, we have QC persons to inspect the producing processing such as the fiberglass protection method, wire connection, movement, etc .
3, Končni izdelki inšpekcija: Po končnih izdelkov, all rides need to be operated, and be played in random before packing.
4, pakiranje zaščita: wooden frame, wooden pallet or wooden crate be chose by customers, to ensure the safe in transportation.

How To Install?

1, The customer will receive the assembled machine directly.
2, Unpack the ride, plug and push coin to test.


1, One full year factory warranty, Life-long maintenance!
2, 7*24 hours online tehnična podpora!
3, Warranty process:
(1)Once meet issue, the customer feedback to sales with photos and video.
(2)The technician will analyze the issue by photos and video and offer a solution.
(3)If there is part be broken, the supplier will deliver the new part to the customer by DHL for replacement and guide the customer how to replace.

Suitable place of Our Game Machines?

1, FEC
2, Nakupovalno središče
3, Arcade Game Centre / Entertainment Centre
4, Kids Playground
5, Anywhere have customer flows

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